A new energy future is here

Business powered by sunlight

Free fuel forever

Use energy and make money

We believe that powering our world with clean energy should be effortless

Sunlight will soon electrify everything: transportation, heating, shipping and manufacturing. Our buildings are the center of the shift. After six decades and billions in research and development, solar is now the cheapest form of electricity available, and already powers thousands of businesses today.

While technologies like solar panels, batteries, energy efficiency, demand response and electric vehicle charging are all increasingly affordable — and desired by employees, customers, and investors — the process of sizing, selecting, financing, permitting, and getting them installed is still punishingly confusing and painful. IRS tax credits and rebates exist, yet these add more riddles. It’s all a headache.

Most building owners choose to do nothing. They stay focused running their core business.

We make it effortless

Lumen Energy was founded to make it easy to power our world with clean energy.

We deliver personalized energy subscriptions that generate immediate new revenue for our customers. We cover 100% of the cost of installation through well-capitalized partners, and handle all design, permitting, financing, installation and operation. The result: your monthly power bill is locked in for the long term, reducing your exposure to utility rate increases or unanticipated fees.

Solar as your foundation

While solar serves as the foundation, you can keep using the power grid seamlessly for backup. We remain your renewable energy partner to connect you with additional clean energy technologies when they start to make financial sense. In everything we do, our purpose is to advance your energy-related financial certainty.

The story of solar

Over 100 years ago, the electric grid was an engineering marvel. It replaced candles, and now silently powers our lives indoors. Yet in 2021, society is confronted by massive new challenges. The grid is aging rapidly. Electric utilities struggle to maintain reliability — and costs — facing unprecedented severe weather. As their expenses spiral upwards, they pass their costs on to their only source of revenue - us. And fossil pollution now matters to banks, investors, and customers.

While utilities deal with these legacy issues, forward-looking business leaders are choosing to make their own energy, reliably, and with cost certainty. The world is switching to solar.

Leading companies are starting to power their buildings with sunlight. It’s renewable, and has been reliable for the last 4.5 billion years. Solar panels today are the result of over 65 years and billions of dollars of R&D in materials science and manufacturing refinements. Quality control measures for manufacturers hovers at the 99.9992% (the ten-thousandths) and equipment warranties span 25 years or more. For many buildings, sunlight is now the most financially reliable source of energy available.

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